Kitimat (Canada)

Length:  ?? km / ?? miles
Catchment:  ?? km2 / ?? miles2

Our local river is of course the Kitimat River, and is home to various species of Salmon & Trout. We have two runs annually of Steelhead (sea going Rainbow Trout). Then Chinook, Pink, Chum & Coho salmon habitate the river at various times fo the year. Smaller species of trout such as Cutthroat and Dolly Varden can be found in the river throughout most of the year. Last Labor Day (Sept. 2006), I won a free 8 hour drift fishing trip for two on the Kitimat River for the 2007 season. I was lucky enough to land a 19 lb. Chinook salmon about a month ago. Attached is a photo taken from the boat about 15 minutes before landing. It is a very rare occurance to see a layer of fog sitting on the water as the photo depicts. I will send you other pictures of the river when I get a chance.

Kitimat River

Taken from email, 15/8/07 - Adrian