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Catchment:  ?? km2 / ?? miles2 

Aare River

We have the river Aare which is on your europe list but not live so i
really should do it.  its bloody wonderful and is fresh out of the alps
when it gets to us so is a beautiful pale green at this time of the
year.  just working up to having my first 2007 swim in it but was about
12C a couple of weeks ago and the weather has since dipped.  have
attached a photo of one of my favourite places.  would like to do a bit
on it so will put it on my list of things to do..

email from Sally - 8/5/07

and then this weekend i saw the aletsch glacier so you should have a photo of  that too, and you can put it on the site as its ice, and i dont know the name of the river it runs into.  and contrary to popular belief its not always wonderful here, but i wouldn't be anywhere else.  the snow was on the grimsel pass east of the jungfrau, and so its just the other two that are the aare.  walked along it in bern on friday night and its so high and so fast, incredible to see.  they're actually  advising people not to go on it as it really is dangerous.






email from Sally - 17/07/07